Announcement for Snowboarders and skiers
Funk Park
Start Date:08/01/2016 End Date:31/03/2016
In Piancavallo two whole slopes have been equipped with freestyle structures, where access is allowed to both snowboarders and skiers. The two slopes are located in the area of Caprioli and are provided with a covered tapis roulant. The Funk Park is surrounded by fir-trees, it is completely exposed to sun light and divided into two parts. In the first part, great fun is provided by two lines with rails, boxes, barrels, trunks and a car, all for jibbing, whereas the second part is for more expert riders with kikers and boxes requiring much more experience. The Funk Park is equipped for any skill because it has facilities suited to all those wishing to try something more challenging. 8000W of sound power will be a sort of sound track to better enjoy the spectacular performances of riders. Structures available: rails: -straight 12mt -flat, downhill 3mtX3mt -straight 6mt box: -flat 8mt -downhill 8mt -flat, downhill 12mt -raimbow 9mt -pyramid 18mt -wave 12mt -S 12mt -big tube 8mt -car -table 8mt -barrel -iron box 6mt -wall 5X4mt kikers: -easy line 4mt, 5mt, 6mt,7mt -professional line 9mt, 12mt, 16mt In addition on the Caprioli slope n. 3 there is also a line for children, teenagers and for beginners.

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